Knives of Kaal

House_Kaal.png House Kaal is the rising power in the city of Ostia Anguis, and the gleaming blades in its shadow are its edge. It is through the threat of this power that Lady Tristitia Kaal, the Lady of Grief, resides in the governor’s chair before the Council of the city’s nobility. A feat made all the more extraordinary by the age of its sole family member, Lady Kaal.

Officially, the Knives of Kaal is the name of the private army of House Kaal. Their number is said to be fifty strong, with a few renowned warriors in their ranks. However, there abound rumors that in its wings and shadows reside far deadlier members. Members who ended the bloodlines of two noble houses, and who are just getting started.

The chief tenants of the Knives of Kaal are those of its House:
✦ Beauty – All things end. We do not mourn what passes, for that is the natural end of all things. Instead, we rejoice in their beauty while they last.
✦ Grief – Grief is not for those who survive, but for those who rebel against their fate.
✦ Obediance – Loyalty is due to that which cannot be escaped. Obey one’s fate. Pay homage to its Queen.

Dramatis Personae:
✦ Lady Tristitia Kaal
✦ Dirk
✦ Poignard

Knives of Kaal

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